Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tri-color hair highlights?

I recently heard of tri-color highlights. (Getting highlights but instead of just highlighting it one color, getting three different colors). I have darkk brown hair, I was thinking Red/Auburn and Natural blonde..not sure about the 3rd color or if I even want a 3rd color. Any ideas, experiences, or pictures? Thank you.Tri-color hair highlights?
for the 3rd color I would stay with a shade close to your natural color or a shade lighter or darker than your auburn shade. To many colors look foolish.

I have 3 color highlight/lowlight. Blonde/coffee/chili and I love it.Tri-color hair highlights?
I have dark brown hair and I did the tri color hi-lighting. I used blonde, red and black. I concentrated more on red and the least on black. It looks really really hot! I love it. Just make sure you balance the colors out and get it down professionally.
Just one piece of advice. If you are going to use any shade of blonde, get it done by a pro. If you are not careful your blonde highlights can have a greenish hue to them. I'm not sure why this happens with brown hair, but it does. I've had it happen to me, so don't do it yourself.
buy paint will be cheaper in the long run...and save you alot of money...Clairol will be p-ssed...but you can do it...the paint is more permanent...thanks for asking ...good luck
I have tri-colored highlights the colors i have are like a light brownish blonde, a redish brown and then my natural color which is dark brown almost black. Just go for like the reds light browns and maybe even a blonde but not to blonde.
Tri-Color Highlights. When Done by A Professional, They Can Be BOLD Or Subtle. If You Choose Bold, You May Get A Burgundy Red (Red-Violet) A Copper Red (Orange-Red) And A Burnished Brown. (Dark Gold) A Subtle Version Might Be A Soft, Brownish Gold, A Cool Silvery Brown And Warm Caramel Brown. And Either Type Can Look Terriffic! And Be Very Low Maintenance.
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